Why This Matters

In 2013 at only 20 months, Jacob was diagnosed with Autism. The signs were always there but it was a moment that his parents, Chrissy and Randy will never forget. It was the same day his twin brother was also diagnosed with Autism. Their world would never be the same again. A journey was undertaken for the Maale family that has led to many ports and many destinations.

First in 2016 there was Triumph Kids. Created out of love and need in recognizing that all kids deserved a place to play and build friendships while also receiving top notch pediatric therapy. The twins needed hours of therapy to build language skills, motor skills, and help them engage in so many of the areas of daily life that other kids and families take for granted. Along the way Triumph Kids has become a place of hope for so many. 

However this alone was not enough for Jacob. He needed so much more. At 8 years old he was not talking, struggling to engage with other children or even understand what meaningful play could look like. He struggled in Kindergarten in 2017 and ’18 so Chrissy and Randy decided to homeschool Jakey at Triumph Kids for 1st grade. Throughout that first year a model was created centered around this beautiful child. A team of therapists was put in place that allowed everyone to work on the same goals, collaborate with Randy and Chrissy directly, and focus on his progress. 

Jacob has thrived in this environment. He is entering his second year and because of him, The Dream Bigger Children’s Foundation was born. Jacob is not unique even though he is spectacularly enchanting to all who meet him. Other children need the same level of focused, intense collaboration to create possibilities and truly grow, however sadly so many families are not able to afford the extensive services needed. Dream Bigger is that mechanism to create the funding for children to be able to attend this amazing special program, as well as other therapeutic programs for children with special needs. 

Like Jacob, other children deserve to grow, learn and thrive in an environment that is unique to them and designed for them. Dream Bigger is here to pull amazing people together into Jacob’s story and that of so many other children who need your help. With your help we will fund full scholarships for children just like Jacob. Now is the time!  

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Enrichment Program Scholarships

Unique enrichment program for children who are home schooled.  Art, science, sensory and social activities facilitated by licensed therapists and RBTs for fun learning, all while promoting communication and social engagement. Academic and social support, individualized therapy and focus on activities of daily living and child engagement.

Social Group Scholarships

All children deserve to have meaningful friendships.  For some children that does not come easily.  Social groups help kids gain social awareness, understand social cues, and gain self-confidence to increase social interaction, effective communication & conflict resolution skills!  All of this will help children create lasting bonds and friendships, as well as help them interact in different social settings, at home and at school.

Therapy Scholarships

Most children with special needs do not receive anywhere close to the amount of therapy that they deserve to make meaningful change in their skills and lives.  Families every day struggle to pay for services, and are forced to cut back on the necessary therapy that is vital for their children.  These kids deserve more and we can help!